Mergers and Acquisitions

Financial management often links the regulatory to the corporate world. By managing financial resources beyond what is required from authorities, companies can steer and control their strategies in different directions. 

Companies that manage their finances well beyond the needs of accounting frameworks, can create significant benefits for shareholders and the board of directors alike. 

Good financial strategies incorporate revenue growth plans, cost optimisation, investment appraisals and thorough liquidity management. Only by finding the right balance between all four categories can companies create the financial benefits sought by shareholders.

Our Service

With our extensive experience and knowledge of the finances involved in the aviation industry, we understand the financial pressures in our different segments.

For many of our clients, we have played transformative roles in optimising their cost structure. This has not only improved profitability but is often also linked to the strengthening of liquidity positions. 

From a top-line perspective, we are also experts in creating revenue growth strategies, in particular through ancillary revenues for new airline start-ups.

Ranging from fleet acquisition and lease decisions, to airport infrastructure development and investing into other companies, our experts have gained significant experience in creating value for companies.

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